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Season 2 Mint Details

Mint Deets & NEW ALPHA: There will be 2 #freemint claims While the main free mint claim will happen after the first 2000 tokens we are allowing each egg holder to redeem 1 egg in a 2 hour window before the paid public mint begins at 11am est 10/29. This is important bc while all 2,222 tokens are eligible for the 2.222 eth & future giveaways, only the first 2000 tokens are eligible for the mint bounties so a mint BEFORE the paid portion can be very valuable. YES!!! You heard that right, your first free mint claimed between 9-11am est are eligible for the below bounties:

Mint Bounty A - For the 4 blue chip #NFTs below we will have a simple battle in 500 token intervals & allow the winner to pick one until all 4 are gone for the first 2000 tokens (Ex. 1-500, 501-1000, etc..)

Mint Bounty B - For every 100 tokens we are spinning a wheel for a $200 giveaway. This means if you max mint @ +10 you have a 10% chance of getting all your money back for that flock (Ex. 1-100, 101-200, etc..)

10/29 @ 11am est
0.0123 eth
Max Mint 10
100+ traits designed/suggested by community
2.222 eth prize to S2 winner
Must have a #BattleBird from S1 & S2 to compete in Season 2

Season 1 Elite 8 Tournament

1.111 ETH PAID

Elite 8 starts 10/29 at 11am est
Each Sunday 2 are Eliminated
Champion Wins 1.111 Eth

Tourney Board - Elite 8.png
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