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Simple Gameplay

1. Determine how many birds can be played. Single Flock means you must own all the birds even if it is a multi-bird battle & Multi Flock means that multiple players can team up together. 

2. Comment your NFT on a Battle Tweet & insert your Battle Flag by cropping in the image of the NFT Community you are choosing to represent (you can also comment on your tweet with your NFT Community for Battle Flag points if this is more ideal).

3. Add or Subtract your points the Tweet requests in the "How to Score" section. Don't forget any bonus points you qualify for. You must Like & Retweet the original Tweet for your #BattleBird to count.

4. For Multi-Flock battles you can type "#TwittyReserve" to disable any other players from your team except the players reserved by tagging them. You can also display "#TwittyHelp" to let other players know there is no reserve & your team is open.

5. For Multi-Players battles each bird has to have a trait that matches the last bird played or the first bird played. (Ex. 4th player in a multi-player must have a trait that matches player #1 or #3 but cannot match player #2. 

The Battle isn't over until Twitty Comments the winner(s) however each Battle has a 24 hour minimum guarantee. 

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