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Twatville is under attack & we need legends like YOU to help us save #Twatville

When we hatch 1,111 #BattleBirds we will find the champion of the #TwittyTwats to defeat the villain & crown them with 1.111 ETH

1/11/23 4:20am

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Guess the Villain

Find Clues & Guess the Villain that is attacking #TTBB

1/11/23 4:20am

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Copy of Grey Newspaper Simple Announcement Press Release Document (1).png
White and Grey Traditional Newspaper Christmas Poster (1).png
Breaking News.png
For more information check our website

Villain Caught

CONGRATS to @KyleDBrehm1 for guessing the villain & winning 0.111 ETH

2/18/23 4:02am
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_AllyBee234 _joeFurself_23 _Rob55155944 _BadSeedGoneHAPE _EddieKC8 _smoerkaffe _Apic_beeke

Villain Jail In-Take

Information & items collected when booking the villain at Twitty Twats jail

2/25/23 4:34am

Breaking News

Does this info lead to the accomplice? Is there a reward for this? Re-Election?

3/7/23 8:34am

contest john breaking news.png

Breaking News

Congrats John & Vue for helping find the accomplice & educating web3 on caution to rug founders. 

4/9/23 2:49pm

Town Hall Council

Whispers of a 8 Head Chair Public Council will hold meetings for ALL holders to have a voice in steering gameplay. 

4/9/23 2:49pm

newspaper town hall.png
People's choice - LEAD DETECTIVE, SHERIFF OR MAYOR! (5).png

Attacks Continue

Wen Hero?

Season 1 Tournament for 1.111 ETH will determine who faces the villain & saves #Twatville

4/9/23 2:49pm

A Hero is Born

The Elite 8 Bracket Starts while Season 2 is minting. 

Who will win the tournament & go on to fight the villain?

Season 1 Tournament for 1.111 ETH will determine who faces the villain & saves #Twatville

12/27/23 12:07am

Tourney Board - Elite 8.png

Season 1 Starting
Wen Elite 8?
Wen 1.111 ETH?
1,111 Battle Birds NOW FIGHT!

5/28/23 6:04am

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